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At Body Glitz, we want you to feel confident in yourself and the quality of our ingredients. We source only high-quality, cosmetic grade materials in all our products to ensure that everyone can enjoy the glamour and elegance of Body Glitz.

What is in Body Glitz cosmetics?

All Body Glitz beauty products are made from natural ingredients and come in a variety of mineral-based colors. Our cosmetic formulas are carefully blended with reputably-sourced materials to promote healthy, glowing skin, including:


Arrowroot powder helps promote healthy skin and hair naturally. This multi-use powder soothes blemishes, controls moisture, and improves the absorption of nutrients to the skin and hair. All our body shimmers contain USDA-certified organic arrowroot powder, making them gentle and effective for all skin types and ages.

Kaolin clay

Kaolin clay is a natural beauty must-have with a variety of benefits for skin and hair. Experience reduced oil, purified pores, decreased acne, and smoother skin with kaolin clay. The cosmetic grade clay also helps naturally detoxify the skin and hair. Body Glitz sources USDA-certified kaolin clay in all our products to help you look great with and without body shimmer!

Mica glitter pigment

Body Glitz is committed to the health of our customers and the environment and uses only cosmetic-grade mica glitter in all products. Unlike traditional glitters, mica glitter pigments are quality-tested, plastic-free, and biodegradable. Body Glitz also sources only FDA-compliant, vegan, and gluten-free mica glitter pigments.

At Body Glitz, we take pride in the quality of our ingredients, our commitment to consumer safety, and our environmentally friendly beauty brand – but we are equally proud of what’s not in our products. Feel confident about what is – and isn’t – in your beauty products with Body Glitz cosmetics. We guarantee that all our body shimmer products are: