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Feel elegant, confident, and strong regardless of your age, ethnicity, or culture.

Meet the founder of Body Glitz

Body Glitz was created by Jasmine Hutto, a philanthropist, artist, cosmetic historian, and actress with a life-long love of cosmetics. At age 13, Jasmine relocated from Mannheim, Germany to Columbia, SC where she completed high school and later received a Bachelor’s degree from Clemson University. In addition to her cosmetic enthusiasm, Jasmine is also passionate about nature; in 2017, she combined these interests and founded the earth-friendly body brand Body Glitz.

Our Difference

Body Glitz is proud to offer high-quality, affordable products that deliver glam, glitter, and shine without harmful ingredients such as talc and plastic. We are also committed to using only cosmetic-grade mica glitter in all our products. Unlike traditional glitter – a non-recyclable plastic causing damage to our oceans and aquatic ecosystems – Body Glitz uses only biodegradable mica glitter, which is safe for the environment as well as your skin! Since its founding, Body Glitz is a company devoted to creating cosmetics that are safe for everyone – that’s why we do not test on animals or use animal-based materials in any of our products.

Our Brand

At Body Glitz, we are here to help you recapture the soul of glamour, grace, and wealth while you define your unique individual style. Our collection comes in a variety of vibrant colors, all derived from natural ingredients such as mica glitter, kaolin clay, and arrowroot. Our high-quality cosmetic-grade glitters can be applied directly to the face, body, and hair, or used to make bath bombs, candles, and more.

Who can use Body Glitz?

Body Glitz is for everyone! We created our collection with the hope that it would inspire confidence in all our customers. Body Glitz also uses carefully curated ingredients that are earth-friendly, vegan-friendly, and never tested on animals.

All Body Glitz products are multi-use cosmetics that are perfect for:

Highlighting the face, body, and hair as part of your everyday beauty routine

Evening skin tone and decreasing sweating

Adding glamourous color and shine to special events such as proms, weddings, team competitions, beauty pageants, fashion shows, burlesque shows, and more

Creating sparkling bath and body products, candles, art, and more

Attract the right attention with Body Glitz cosmetics!