Body Glitz Cash Green Natural Body Glitter 2oz


Body Glitz is a Premier Luxury Shimmer Product Line of Body Glitter. Body Glitz can be worn at special events like Proms, Weddings, Cheer Competitions, Gymnastic Competitions, Dances, Fashion Shows, Burlesque shows and more. Body Glitz is made with natural ingredients including Kaolin Clay and Arrowroot and contains very fine shimmer not made from plastic. Body Glitz can be used to disguise uneven skin tone, add sparkle to a look, and decrease sweating. It glides on easily and our colors were created to compliment all shades of skin and provide a glamorous look. Stand out from the crowd!

GMO Free
Talc Free
Organic and Natural Ingredients
Refillable Gold Tin Container
Applicator included with every order

*Not recommended for sensitive skin | External use only | Do not ingest *

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Suggested Usage:

Shimmer for your Body:

Applying Body Glitz is simple.

1.Shake closed Body Glitz container before each use.

2.Grab your favorite clean applicator (fluffy powder puff or body brush).

3.Open container and press the applicator lightly into the loose body shimmer.

4.Shake excess product off the applicator into the container to ensure an even sparkle.

5.Gently sweep the applicator onto the skin to highlight arms, legs, collarbone, or cleavage.

6. Use gentle strokes with the brush to create your desired look.

7. Build up in layers for a more dramatic metallic look.

** Apply shimmer powder before wearing clothing. The loose shining powder can sprinkle over your clothes which may or may not be desired.

** Use small amounts of shimmer powder for highlighting face, temple and forehead, nose, chin and apples of your chin.

Shimmer for your hair

Brighten up your hair do with Body Glitz

1. Place a small amount of Body Glitz on a clean hair brush of your choice.

2. Tap Body Glitz once or twice over your hair. Less is more!

***Looks great on dry hair styles. Not recommended to use on wet hair or hair that has already applied styling cream.

Additional information

Dimensions 6.35 × 1.95 cm